I am Arshed Nabeel, an independent researcher interested in problems at the intersection of computer science, applied math and basic sciences. Presently, I am a research associate at Indian Institute of Science, studying problems in collective dynamics. Previously, I was deep learning research engineer at Netradyne, developing tools and techniques to analyze driver behavior. Before that, I was at Indian Institute of Science, exploring functional neuroimaging, neural signals, and their timescales. In my past adventures, I have also dabbled in other fields like computer science theory and mathematical ecology.

In my free time, I obsess over Formula 1 or make slightly-better-than-mediocre digital artwork. I also sometimes find pop-culture topics of varying degrees of obscurity to dig into, which can vary in scope; some of the recent ones are the history of computing (especially videogames), the works of Studio Ghibli, and Neil Gaiman’s Sandman.

Click here for a detailed CV. If you want to find me elsewhere on the internet, where I inflict upon the world bad puns and mediocre artwork, click here.